We are so happy to help at The Respite Association and are so grateful to receive the many Thank You’s that we do.

We really appreciate your feedback and wanted to share some of the recent thank you letters we have received.

“All quotes are from genuine letters and emails received from clients, however to preserve confidentiality most photos are posed”

Thank you John, that is absolutely fantastic, and really appreciated.  It has made me feel really emotional knowing there is some support.
We are all incredibly grateful.  The world turned so quickly and our dear parents got caught up in it.  You have really been so kind and supportive, many thanks
It gave me a much needed boost of hope and brought tears to my eyes knowing I was being thought of.  Thank you soooooo much AW xxx
Really cheered us up, such a lovely gesture and so thoughful during these difficult times.  Thank you for thinking of us it means a lot!!
Thank yo so very much for awarding your grant to my son.  The day camp has truly been a lifesaver and the funding you have provided towards it is a most tremendous help.  We really appreciate the kind and generous work that your charity does.
**** is actually looking forward to the childcare club, some socialising with others which he has been unable to do for some time and being able to play outside and enjoy because even the outside parks were chained and locked so to give all of this to **** he will definitely be delighted to have.  As for me an extra 40 winks sleep would be good, since lockdown **** has been so unsettled and has been restless throughout many nights and it’s took strength and will-power to get through those nights and a full day entertaining and teaching.  It would be nice to spend time with my eldest as it has had such an impact on him, he has missed so much important education for his GCSE’s next year, was unable to do work experiernce and was given little to do at home.  I feel next year will be his biggest challenge when it comes to his exams I only hope I’ve done enough to support  him to at home with him revising.

Thanks ever so much.  This will surely make a difference to my life.  Thank you so much for the grant of £500 for me to have some respite from caring for my husband.  I put the money towards some long days to spend with my terminally ill sister and son.  It is very much appreciated and to spend valuable time with them which I would not have been able to do without your generosity.  Thank you again
We just want to thank you so much and tell you how much we appreciate it.  Since **** birth we haven’t allowed ourselves to go away, but we are now so looking forward to it.  It meansso much to us that you helped us out and recognised our need for a break so that we can continue providing **** with the best care she could possibly get Additionally, we’d like to thank you for your service, when I spoke to you, you were so caring and understanding and it meant so much.
We don’t have the words to possibly thank you enough!!! Thank you again, and may you all be blessed with health and happiness Many, many thanks Thank you for sending me the Newsletter, it’s wonderful to read that The Respite Association will be able to continue to support carers next year.  Charities like yours have never been more needed by Carers than they are at the present time.

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