Who we are

Our website address is: http://respiteassociation.org.

  1. The Respite Association holds basic information (name and address, telephone number and where applicable email address) provided by Carers applying for assistance from us and this informaiton is ONLY used in contacting the individuals with regard to any support offered by the Charity in response to the application.  This information is kept on an encrypted database and on securely stored paper records and the information is not provided to any other organisation or used for any other purpose.  The information is held for amaximum of two years and then securely destroyed.  Of couse, we would reveal this information if required to do so by law (Court Order for instance) but such circumstances would be rare.
  2. The Respite Association holds basic information supplied to us by donors when donating and again this information is kept on an encyrpted database and securely stored paper records and only used for the purposes of responding to the donation.  This informatioin is not provided to any other organisation unless required to do s by Law.  Records of income and the donor are retained for a period of time in line with the requirements of the Charity Commission and any relevant statutory tax authority (usually six years) and then securely destroyed.
  3. The Respite Association invites all those people in the two categories listed above (these being the only private individuals we maintain records of) to “OPT IN” to receiving our periodic Newletter and maintains a seperate encypted database of those peole who decide to “OPT IN”.  Information held for this purpose consists of Name, Address, Telephone number and where applicable email address only.  This database will be used for the sole purpose of mailing out our periodic newsletter and for no other use whatsover.  The information held on this database will not be shared with other organisation

    Anyone who has “Opted In” and then wishes to cease receiving our Newsletter can notify us of their wish to be withdrawn and we will then remove their details from the database.  By “Opting In” you consent to the collection and use of the information for the purposes and in the manner described in this policy
  4. We will not use the personal details we hold on our database for any other purpose than those shown above
  5. Access to our secure (encypted and password protected databases) is restricted to authorised staff only
  6. Our webiste may include links to websites run by other organisations, these organisations do NOT have access to our databases
  7. Under our Data Protection Policy you have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you and to have any inaccuracies in such information corrected.  If you wish to exercise these rights please contact us at 4 Lowgate Lane, Bicker, Boston, Lincs, PE20 3DG or email us at help@respiteassociation.org