Frequently asked questions for the Carers’ Break Scheme

I would like to choose a specific week at a specific park, how do I do this?

The way the scheme works is that you are asked to complete an application form. As part of your application you are asked to indicate which of the seasonal weeks you would like to apply for and at which park. Weeks are then allocated on a first come, first served basis following Trustee approval. If you are offered a break, we will allocate one of the weeks you have selected, but cannot guarantee which one and we cannot ‘save’ specific weeks for Carers.

Do I choose just one week on the application form?

No. Please choose ALL of the weeks you would like to apply for, not just one week. The more weeks you choose the greater your chance of being awarded a week if your application is accepted. If you can be flexible on parks please indicate which is your first and second choice. If you choose just one week at one park it is highly unlikely we will be able to accommodate your request and your application may be declined.

When will I know if I have been awarded a break or not?

After the challenges of Covid, we are returning to our previous system of making the main tranche of holiday awards in January of each year. So if you apply in October, November or December, please be advised that, while your form will be acknowledged, you will not receive notification of the outcome until the following February. If you apply during the main season then the application process usually takes at least 3 weeks (longer if we have to request additional information). Unless you have not received a receipt for your application and wish to check that it has been safely received OR if you have been waiting for longer than 3 weeks during the main season, please do not contact us to ask how your holiday application is progressing as we are a very small Charity with limited resources.

I’m applying part way through the season can you please tell me what weeks you have got left?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide this information as this position changes on an almost daily basis throughout the season. It is likely to cause disappointment if we tell you a certain week is available but, by the time you have applied and your application has been approved (the approval process takes up to 3 weeks) that week could have already been awarded. Please just apply as soon as you can, highlighting as many weeks as you can, at both parks if you can.

Can I take the person being cared for with me?

Unfortunately not. This is clearly stated on our application form as it is against our rules and registration with the Charity Commission. Our aim is to provide a complete break from your caring role, which cannot be achieved if the person being cared for goes on holiday with you. We do understand that there may be situations where the person being cared for will not accept an alternative carer, or you may wish to holiday with the person being cared for, which is why we work with other Charities such as Revitalise who do offer this facility. However, it is not something we can provide in our own accommodation. If you are interested in staying at Revitalise please email for further details.

Who can go with me on the break?

Our accommodation is for a MAXIMUM of 2 adults and 2 children over the age of 3 years. This figure includes, and is not in addition to, the applicant.

I have received a previous grant or break with The Respite Association, can I apply again?

That depends very much on when your previous grant or holiday was awarded. We ask for a gap of at least 18 months between awards to allow as many carers as possible to benefit from our limited resources. If you feel there is an exceptional circumstance as to why you would like to be considered again sooner than this, please email us to discuss before you apply.

I sent in my application but you have asked me for additional information. Why is this?

The main reason we ask for additional information is that the form you have submitted is incomplete in some way. Our request for additional information will specify the information that is lacking, but to avoid future delays with your applications, please ensure that you have completed ALL of the boxes on the form as fully as possible. If any box is incomplete or blank this will hold up your application and may mean that a holiday cannot be awarded.

Common application errors include but are not limited to:

• Not completing your name, full address and contact details.
• Not providing a diagnosis for the person being cared for (this is mandatory information).
• Incomplete details of what care you provide and why. Please include practical examples to help us
understand what you do for the person being cared for on a daily basis.
• No information as to why you want to be considered for the scheme. This is your opportunity to make
your case. If you leave this blank the Trustees will not understand why they should support your
• The details of additional guests and their ages has not been completed.
• The form has not been signed (or name printed) or dated.

You have said that I am on the waiting list but I have not heard anything further?

If your application is approved, and you have indicated that you would be willing to accept a short notice cancellation break if all accommodation has been awarded for the season, then you will be placed on the waiting list. Unfortunately, due to the very high demand for the scheme, we will only contact you if a suitable cancellation break becomes available that meets your needs. Being placed on the waiting list does not mean that a break will definitely be awarded. Please bear in mind that we will check the weeks you have indicated
that you can do when determining who to contact about any cancellation that has arisen. If you have not indicated that you can take the cancellation week available, we will go to the next person on the list who has indicated they can take the week at that site. This is why ticking as many boxes as possible is so important.

You have offered me a cancellation break, but I can’t take it. Does this mean nothing else will be offered to me now?

Not at all. If a suitable break (based on the information and choices you have provided) is offered and you
cannot take it for any reason, you will just go back on the waiting list until another cancellation occurs.

Is there any additional funding available for travel and ancillary expenses?

Unfortunately not. Accommodation is provided on a self catering basis, but travel to and from site and all other costs will need to be covered by your own funds.

Is the accommodation accessible for a person with a disability?

As the accommodation is intended for the carer, rather than the cared for, our accommodation is not adapted in any way. For the benefit of the less mobile, both of our current sites have an adjacent parking space, but there is stepped access to both the caravan and holiday bungalow (3 steps in each case) that would need to be negotiated. The internal accommodation is level access.

What happens if I am accepted for a break? What will I have to do?

If you are accepted for a break you will be notified either by email or letter (email is our preferred form of contact as it cuts down on administration costs). You will be provided with a carers’ break acceptance form outlining which week you have been offered and at which park. You will also be provided with the terms and conditions of the break. If you accept the break as offered, you will need to sign the acceptance form and have it countersigned by a person of standing in the community who is aware of your situation. You will then need to return the form to us along with a refundable deposit of £50*. Once we have this your break is confirmed and you will receive a holiday pack at least two weeks prior to your departure date. *Please note the £50 deposit is only payable 8 weeks before departure so it does not have to be paid immediately if the holiday is awarded sooner than this.

Can I take my pet on the break?

Sorry but we do not allow pets of any kind into either accommodation, many carers have allergies to pets so a blanket ban is the fairest way to ensure everyone gets a good break.

If you have any other questions not listed above, please email or call

Please DO NOT contact us on the holidays emergency mobile number for 2022 scheme enquiries.